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Colleen Clarke Colleen Clarke - Colleen Clarke is a highly regarded Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker in the areas of career management, communication and networking. She is the author of Networking: How to Build Relationships That Count and How To Get a Job and Keep It. Colleen was a regular contributor to and is a guest columnist for The Globe and Mail. Always motivating and humorous, Colleen has inspired and edu-tained thousands of individuals and groups to career excellence through her presentations, career counseling and workplace coaching. Now she tackles the sticky career questions and dilemmas weekly on Workopolis. Colleen's books and services are available through her website

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Norman Grosman. Recently named one of Canada's Best Employment Lawyers, Norman Grosman is a regular contributor to He has appeared several times on WorkopolisTV’s "Legal Corner", written a regular employment law column in the Toronto Star, and consults with both employers and employees on a wide cross-section of employment law issues. He has also argued employment cases at all Court and Tribunal levels.

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Norman Grosman tackles your employment law dilemmas regularly on Workopolis. Have a legal question? You can email your questions to Norman at:

Renee Sylvestre-Williams

Renee Sylvestre-Williams is a careers, personal finance and trends writer. She ended up on the internet very early and has spent more than a decade in the online trenches. During that time she has managed and been managed. She shares her insights on both with the Canadian candidate and employer audience on Workopolis.

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Ozzie SaundsOzzie Saunds is committed to maximizing the potential of every career professional he works with and inspiring people to achieve greatness.

In addition to contributing to Workopolis, he currently writes for various online career outlets and print publications including TorStar’s, Canadian Immigrant Magazine. Educated at the University of Toronto in Employment Relations, Ozzie has acquired knowledge in labour relations, business writing, employment law, employee compensation, recruitment and selection, training and development, and human resources management. As a nationally recognized resume expert, Ozzie is the founder of, which enables individuals to best showcase their accomplishments and qualifications with a professionally written resume. Have a question about your resume? Email him at

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Jenna Charlton
Jenna Charlton is a Toronto-based freelance writer and blogger. She has written for corporate as well as for non-profit organizations on numerous topics including workplace issues, real estate and food security.

Jenna has a professional background in Communications and Information. In her spare times she also loves to write about food and related stories.

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Tracy Nesdoly

Tracy Nesdoly is a Toronto-based writer and communications consultant. She has written for a number of media outlets including The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and, a website aimed at those aged 40+. She has a long, long job history and blogs frequently on careers and life-at-work.

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Julie Labrie
Julie Labrie is the President of BlueSky Personnel Solutions. After 13 years of recruiting top talent, she is a veteran in her field. Fluent in both English and French, Julie offers expertise in a number of recruitment areas including bilingual placements. She works closely with both business/HR executives and job candidates, and can offer insights into the strategies, nuances and psychology of the hiring process. Julie is part of a panel of leading HR experts for the Globe and Mail where she regularly offers her insights and expertise, and a regular contributor to Workopolis.

Read about insights into the strategy and psychology of the hiring process on BlueSky's HR Blog:

Peter Harris

Peter Harris has the goal of making work work for as many people as possible. He is the editor-in-chief of, managing the editorial voice, social media messaging, and public relations strategy.

Peter is a writer and editor who has worked on the web for over fifteen years mostly on behalf of Canadian workers, from the early days of building to delivering the country its daily breaking news and features as the homepage editor of both the Sympatico / MSN portal and Yahoo! Canada.

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