Workopolis Inc. is Canada’s largest career site for job seekers and a leader in HR technology solutions for employers. Since 2000, we have helped connect employers and candidates through exclusive partnerships and community sites, social networking, and mobile optimization.

The Workopolis database of candidate resumes is searched over 16,000 times a day by top recruiters across the country. At any given time, we display between 30-50,000 mobile friendly job opportunities, with a number of tools and resources – including Job Alert emails and over a decade of career news, insights, and advice – that help Canadians launch, change, and advance their careers.

To help Canadian employers attract top talent, as well as engage and retain employees, Workopolis offers a wide range of HR technology solutions and expertise – including in-house recruiting specialists, flexible job posting packages, niche networks, and video interviewing – for business of all sizes.