For the Love of the Job

New survey findings and analysis from Workopolis on what Canadians are looking for from an employer

Toronto (ON), February 9, 2010 – Love is in the air this month and those positive feelings extend to the workplace for many Canadians.  A new survey shows that half (53 per cent) of working Canadians love their current jobs.  But nearly six in ten (58 per cent) cite better compensation and benefits as a means to increase the affection for their job.  Better work/ life balance and more opportunities to learn/ develop rounded out the top three attraction drivers that Canadians were looking for in a potential employer. 

Workopolis is the best resource for Canadians considering job transition and for employers seeking qualified job candidates.  Andrea Garson, Vice President of Human Resources at Workopolis is available to provide her insightful analysis on the labour market and offer commentary on the survey findings.

 Ask Andrea:

  1. What can companies do to increase their employee’s love for their jobs and retain top talent?
  2. Which province has the greatest percentage of employers who love their jobs?
  3. What tools are available to help those not in love with their jobs make a better career move?

Additional Poll Highlights:

Reasons to stay: 16 per cent of Canadians continue to stay in their current position because it pays the bills, while 14 per cent are afraid to make a change

  1. The older you get the more you love your job: Canadians aged 35-44 are more likely to love their job than those aged 25-34.

The laws of attraction: Quebeckers have the strongest feelings about compensation and benefits, while those in the Prairies would prefer a better work/ life balance.

About the Poll:
The Workopolis for the Love of the Job Poll was conducted by Harris/Decima between January 21 and 24, 2010 via a national omnibus telephone survey among a representative sample of 577 working Canadians. The margin of error is +/-4.1% 19 times out of 20.

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