Working Dads Say Balancing it all is the Toughest Job

New survey findings from Workopolis Dads in the Workplace Poll

Toronto (ON), June 16, 2010 – BlackBerry in one hand and baby in the other, working dads are struggling to make it all work, according to the 2010 Workopolis Dads in the Workplace Poll.  Seven in ten (71 per cent) say they feel guilty when work commitments take precedence over family time.  And if given the choice, more than half (56 per cent) would take a 10 per cent pay cut to spend 10 per cent extra time at home with their kids.

“Workplaces need to recognize their employees as real people with real needs - they are human, not just ‘human resources’,” said Mario Bottone, Vice President at Workopolis and father of two.  “Working dads need to look for employers that offer family-friendly options so that they can juggle family and work responsibilities.  After all, the title of World’s Best Dad is just as important as what’s written on a business card.”

Additional Poll Highlights:

  • Half (49 per cent) of working dads would consider making a job change if a potential employer offered more family-friendly options than their current employer.
  • Three quarters of working Canadians (75 per cent) indicated that their employers are equally accommodating to the parenting demands of their male and female employees.
  • Of all Canadians asked which parent should reduce their work hours in favour of more time with the kids, most respondents (68 per cent) said it should be the parent with the lower income.  Remaining respondents were much more likely to say that mothers should reduce their work time (20 per cent), not fathers (2 per cent).
  • Younger respondents aged 18-34 were more likely to say that the parent with lower income should reduce hours (77 per cent vs. 68 per cent), while respondents aged 65 and older were more likely to say mothers should reduce hours (26 per cent vs. 20 per cent).

Mario is available to provide his analysis on the labour market and offer commentary on the survey findings. 

Ask him:

  • What are some tips for everyday Dads who are struggling to balance it all?
  • What is significantly different regionally?
  • What can companies do to best showcase their family-friendly options?

About the Poll:
The Workopolis Dads in the Workplace Poll was conducted by Harris/Decima between June 3 and 6, 2010 via a national omnibus telephone survey among varying samples of Canadians.

  • Canadians overall – 1,001 Canadians with a margin of error of +/-3.1%. 
  • Working Canadians – 558 Canadians with a margin of error of +/-4.1%. 
  • Dads - 148 Canadians with a margin of error of +/-8.1%. 

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