City of Ottawa Workers Encouraged to Work from Home on November 24th

Proclamation in Support of Workopolis' Quest for a National Work from Home Day

The Mayor of Ottawa will proclaim next Wednesday, November 24, 2010 as a Telework Day in the City of Ottawa.  The Proclamation is on the heels of the motion put forward by Councillor Maria McRae, and approved by Ottawa City Council on August 25, 2010 directing city staff to proceed with telework implementation where operationally feasible.

The announcement dovetails with a National Work from Home Day campaign championed by Workopolis.  Since June, more than 45,000 Canadians have pledged their support on Facebook in favour increasing productivity at work, decreasing pollution and strengthening quality of life and on November 24th, Liberal MP Mike Savage will address the issue in Parliament.

What: The Proclamation encourages all residents and City staff to work from home, where feasible, on this day to demonstrate support for an annual National Work from Home Day.  With this act, the City of Ottawa leads the nation in lowering the environmental impact of commuting to work and increasing the productivity of employees.

When: Interview availabilities on Thursday, November 18th

Who: Maria McRae, City Councillor, River Ward and long-time proponent of teleworking
Gabriel Bouchard, President, Workopolis

Available to speak about:
  • Why working from home is a smart solution option for City of Ottawa workers;
  • The economic, recruitment and retention benefits associated with working from home; and
  • The origin of a National Work from Home Day and why Workopolis is supporting the movement.

To arrange an interview or for more information, contact:

For Workopolis:
Amy Davidson or Sarah McConnell

For the Office of Maria McRae, River Ward City Councillor:
Nichole Hoover-Bienasz
613-580-2424 ext. 27878