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Workopolis Labour Report: 2015 Year in Review

As 2015 draws to a close, the team at Workopolis took a look back at online job advertisements in Canada not just on our own website, but across all job boards and government sites over the past two years to determine trends in hiring.

Here are the results: the most sought-after jobs in Canada, the hardest positions for employers to fill, and job titles that are trending upwards and downwards for demand.

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Are Canadians living the dream? [Infographic]

Take a look at this visual summary of our survey of what Canadians wanted to be when we grew up, what we’re doing for a living now, and what we still want to be when we grow up.

Are Canadians living the dream? [Full report]

Read what our childhood ambitions were, how our careers progressed and how those ambitions have changed over the years. One-third of Canadians are working in their current dream jobs.



Thinkopolis VIII: The most sought after skills in Canada in 2015 [Infographic]

A visual snapshot of those skills most-often requested in online job postings, new skills trending in demand this year, and the industries doing the most hiring right now.

The most sought after skills in Canada in 2015 [Full report]

Here are the most sought-after skills by Canadian employers in online job postings – as well as the specific skills you need to add to your resume to qualify for jobs in ten popular sectors.



Thinkopolis VII: How relevant is bilingualism in 2015 [Infographic]

How Canadians feel about the value of bilingualism for their careers in 2015 – and what the job market analysis reveals about the demand for second languages.

Thinkopolis VII: Languages and work in Canada in 2015 [Full report]

The Workopolis team analyzed millions of resumes and job postings to calculate the value of English and French bilingualism in job markets across the country. We also took a look at trends in the supply and demand for other languages by region and sector.



Thinkopolis VI: Moving Work [Infographic]

Canadians can now expect to have 15 jobs over their careers – and change vocations several times along the way. This infographic summarizes the increasingly complex work moves Canadians are making to build successful careers.

Thinkopolis VI: Moving Work [Full report]

Our in-depth study of Canadian work histories shows that only 11 per cent of promotions happen within an organization. 88 per cent of the time, we have to change employers in order to obtain a position with more responsibility. Read the details of who moves up, and who moves on.



Decoding Global Talent

An international survey of over 200,000 workers from 189 countries in 44 languages reveals the world’s top destinations for a mobile workforce. Three Canadian cities are amongst the most attractive locations. See how willing Canadians are to move, where our preferred destinations are, and which careers are the most (and least) mobile.

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Thinkopolis V: Education Nation [Infographic]

Analysis of millions of Canadian resumes shows that we’re becoming more educated – but education isn’t necessarily what employers are looking for. Here are the most valuable disciplines on the job market right now.

Thinkopolis – Education Nation
[Full report]

Our in-depth study of resumes – and employer searches for resumes – reveals the top jobs for liberal arts grads, the degrees that earn the highest starting salaries, the most searched keywords by employers by industry, and much more.



Thinkopolis IV: ‘Time’ to Work [Infographic]

New Workopolis research reveals greater employee turnover among Canadian workers, the multiple career paths we’re following, and tips for breaking through the 11-second resume scan.

Thinkopolis – ‘Time’ to work
[Full report]

Canadians’ job search patterns are constantly evolving. In this report, the Workopolis team analyses millions of resume employment histories and employer resume-view patterns to understand the timing of Canadian career moves in 2014.



Thinkopolis: 2013 Year-in-review [Infographic]

See the fastest growing (and declining) job titles on Workopolis, five disappearing jobs that won’t exist a decade from now, and which regions saw the greatest increases in job postings in 2013.

Thinkopolis – 2013 Year-in-Review
[Full report]

This edition focuses on where the job growth is, new skills that are appearing in candidate resumes – and some that are fading away. Find out what the fastest growing job titles are right now – and see which previously popular vocations are vanishing from the landscape.



Thinkopolis: Student and youth employment [Infographic]

See what jobs are most available for student and entry-level candidates, five hot jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago, and what the salary expectations are for those workers just entering the labour market now.

Thinkopolis – Student and youth employment [Full report]

Read the September Thinkopolis report on the Canadian labour market. This edition focuses on student and youth unemployment and the future of work. Find out where youth unemployment is the highest, what jobs are available for students and grads right now, and what are the emerging jobs of the future.



Thinkopolis: Skilled trades [Infographic]

See the latest numbers on the growing skilled trades sector, learn more about Canadian candidates’ willingness to move out of province for work and discover which 10 industry sectors are experiencing the largest growth in the country.

Thinkopolis: Skilled trades [Full report]

Read the first of our Thinkopolis report on the Canadian labour market, based on Statistics Canada’s latest labour report and Workopolis’s own job posting data.

This first edition focuses on the growing sector of the skilled trades & labour.



The only three things you need to know about a candidate [Infographic]

No matter how much time you spend getting acquainted with a potential hire – there are really only three things that you need to know. Here’s what they are, and how you can find them out.

How to create a successful job posting [Infographic]

There are two sides to creating a successful job posting – ‘Science and Art’. You can’t have one without the other. Here’s how to get the most from every job posting.



What motivates people to change jobs [Infographic]

Even in a tough job market, everyone is a potential candidate. The new normal for employment tenure is under 5 years. Here’s why people leave their current jobs – and how they choose their next ones.

The biggest mistakes that recruiters make [Infographic]

66% of employers told us that finding the skilled workers they need is challenging. Don’t make it even harder by engaging in one of these top five behaviours that drive candidates away.



How candidates look for jobs [Infographic]

To find the in-demand talented employees that you need, you first have to understand where the canddiates are and how they are looking for their next job opportunities.

Why employers and candidates can’t connect [Infographic]

One of the reasons that employers and candidates are failing to connect could be the disparity in perception between employers’ perspectives and those of the average job seeker.



The reach of a Workopolis job posting [Infographic]

When you post on Workopolis, your job is exposed to the 1.5 million candidates who visit our site monthly to perform 11 million job searches. And that’s just the beginning… See how far Workopolis job postings travel across the web.

Mind the Gap [White paper]

Using extensive online polling, Workopolis data on candidate and employer behaviour, and a survey of top-level executives from businesses across the country, Workopolis has prepared an eye-opening report on the mindset of both – and where they are disconnecting.


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